Saturday, October 2, 2010

Spiders by Nic Bishop, a book review

Spiders is an absolutely gorgeous book. Nic Bishop has a note in the back explaining that he kept many of the spiders in the house in order to catch them at key moments, and it shows. The pictures are stunning, the sort that make me ask "How come kids get the fun books?" They are also all carefully identified; each picture is accompanied by the name of the  spider as well information about what the spider is doing at that moment and why.

The text, too, reflects the care Bishop took. It is carefully presented for younger readers (The Sholastic site suggests first through third graders), without being overly simplified or stilted. There is an underlying affection and respect for the creatures.

Page layout and font choice are also spot-on. The pages are colorful without being distracting. The whole book gives the sense that spiders really are wonderful and that learning is a joyous thing. Scholastic also deserves credit for crafting a very sturdy book. The copy I read was from the library, and it has obviously been read but is in very good shape, even the fold out of the jumping spider (a gorgeous series of pictures) is still intact.

Highly recommended.

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