Friday, June 10, 2011

Phlocidae Mother and Babies

I went to reach for a nursery flat for some of my little plants and saw these. Aren't they lovely?

A close up of one of the babies. Looking at the first photograph, it looks like there's some little exoskeletons down there, so they're not even in their first growth.

And a close-up of the mother. I was hoping she'd do a profile turn for me, but she was more interested in trying to shuffle for the corner.

It's too bad I probably tore the web when I pulled the frame out & left some babies fending for themselves. I tucked these back behind the shed again when I'd finished photographing them. I can wait for the frame.

I've seen lots of other spiders lately while gardening, but it's been all messy gardening with lots of water and mud, the sort you don't take cameras out for.

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