Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Wolf Spider (aka The Wonderful Water-Walking Spider)

I spent quite a while watching this spider sprint across short stretches of water. I was very impressed, and asked on bugguide what sort it was.

A wolf spider.

Really? Ok, yeah, it does look a little bit like the one I saw earlier, a lot like it in fact, but I didn't know that wolf spiders could walk on water. I expressed my surprise.

Oh, came the casual reply. "Just about any spider can run over water."

And I never knew. It's amazing the amount of things one can go through life without noticing.


  1. Have you ever seen Microcosmos? There is an amazing spider-water interaction sequence in that movie. Really quite wonderful, highly recommended!

  2. I'll have to look.

    Somehow, the shows I've seen have given me the impression that the water-walking bugs are Special.

    Seems a lot of them can do it. Maybe the types they film just do it better?