Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Ladybug Mimic Spider (Paraplectana duodecimmaculata)

There is such a thing as a ladybug mimic spider (Paraplectana duodecimmaculata). It's cute, polka-dotted, and EIGHT legged. There's some lovely pictures here at Macro Photography in Singapore, but so far I'm drawing a blank on finding much real information. There's another beautiful one here on, but not even any information about who took it, where or why. Most frustrating! Anyone got any further links and legends to suggest? I've found bits n pieces saying it looks like a ladybug so that it looks like it tastes as bad as a ladybug, but nothing on where it lives or what it eats itself or anything like that. I'm sort of guessing that it *might* just live in Singapore, but past that, nothing! (Ok, this, but all that is an acknowledgement that such a creature exists, not a life history. Anyway, all fusses aside, I'm going to go to sleep happy knowing such a creature exists.


  1. The correct ID is probably Paraplectana tsushimensis. The original ID I provided is likely to be incorrect (updated the blog). The 2nd link appeared to have taken the picture from the blog too.

    -Nicky (

  2. I just photographed one this morning. Let me know if the ID needs changing.

    This was spotted in Bandung, Indonesia.