Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ubelievably amazing: The Peacock Spider Maratus volans

Someone posted some pictures of these a while back, context-free, and of course I had to track them down! These little guys--and they are tiny--have brightly colored flaps that they raise in courtship display, just like peacocks (hence the name). Peacock Spider is a page devoted to them, whit lots of links going off for more information and videos and images. Better still, it's part of a truly well-organized site devoted to Australian spiders. Here's a lovely video: Catalyst: Peacock Spider - ABC TV Science, taken by Dr Jurgen Otto. And here is Dr. Otto's Flickr stream. I haven't finished looking through all the pictures yet myself. They truly are stunning. I love it when I learn about unxpected wonders.


  1. I love, love, love jumping spiders. They are so very, very cool. And this! A peacock spider! I love that they're so tiny, yet so showy! Thanks so much for bringing them to my attention.

  2. I've got some pictures of jumping spiders, and it's really amazing: These guys are *tiny,* and then a lens magnifies them and there's all this hair and these adorable big eyes!

    I don't think I've posted any of the pics b/c the spiders are also *fast,* so I've no gorgeous pictures like Dr. Otto's, but it's worth taking them myself just to really see the difference.

    And, yeah, peacocks! Totally awesome!