Friday, September 24, 2010

Cousin Sal Dines Out

Sal gets the bee wrapped up.
Cousin Sal. who seems to have moved across the walk to the roses rather than disappearing entirely(1) dined well this morning.

It's the first time I've watched a spider feed, and I wasn't expecting to get the chance, not in the daytime. When a bee crashed into Big Spider's web in the daytime, she stayed in hiding and the bee worked its way free. Sal, on the other hand, left her hideaway under the rose leaves in a flash and had that bee wrapped while I was still blinking.

Leaving the bee, she heads back up to her hideaway.

She gets all settled in, safe and sound.

Then, deciding she's feeling peckish, she heads back down.

She wraps the bee a few more times & cuts it loose.

She carries it back up and starts to dine.

It turned black while she ate. Why?

(1)Unless this is a relative of hers, but the name is going begging, and it's not an impossible distance. I just don't know how often or for what reasons spiders move house.