Friday, September 10, 2010

Welcome to Spiderwatch!

Two for the price of one.
I have a confession: I see spiders.

Or rather, I am starting to see them. It's taking time and practice, and I'm only just beginning to realize how many there are.

It started when I read Lynne Kelley's Spiders: Learning to Love Them. I like learning about what goes on in the "ordinary" environment around my house, and spiders--those I can find.

In the past, I was generally indifferent. Now I'm amazed by their beauty and variety.


Sometimes, I'll be watching Big Spider turning in the air, patiently sending out silk and waiting it to catch, somersaulting and twisting, graceful.

Then it'll hit me: Spiders move strangely. They are jointed oddly.

And they are all around me. Everywhere. There's a black widow living on the side of my aloe vera pot, my bird of paradise is infested with hundreds of tunneling spiders.

I went to take a photo of one, leaning in to get close enough. Then I looked up, and there, right next to my cheek, was a big orb weaver getting ready to launch herself out. More, when I looked at the photo, I saw a second spider in the frame, one I hadn't noticed when I was outside.

But then again... It was a very pretty spider.

So, since the only way out is through, I'm going to keep taking pictures, watching spiders, and waiting to see what happens.

And I like to talk about my interests; anyone who reads Bookwyrme's Lair knows that.

But... Some people don't like spiders. Some are scared by pictures of spiders. It doesn't seem right to be inflicting spider pictures on them without warning. Thus, Spiderwatch.

I'm not quite sure how long it will last, or what I will do with it ultimately.

Right now, it is a rambly look at the spiders around my house. I plan on reviewing a couple of spider books, there are some quotations I may post. I may track individual spiders.

And then? We shall see.

It's going to be pretty busy at first; I'm frontloading it with the names and pictures of the stars. Later, I'm sure it will slow down.


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