Monday, September 20, 2010

Special Guest Star: Cousin Sal

I had high hopes for Cousin Sal. For three days, she spun her web just under the eaves in front. She bode fair to be another star. Unfortunately, after the third day, she disappeared. Maybe her agreeable habit of sticking around after the sun rose did her in (Big Spider gets really nervous as soon as there is daylight and scoots the moment the door opens, sometimes before). Maybe she just moved. I will probably never know.

According to the bugguide people, she's probably in the Neosconagenus (I know: Now I need to find out what that means, but the name is a start, right?). I don't think she's in the same species as Big Spider--she's darker and more wrinkly, but that's a complete novice talking.

She surprised me by reusing her old web on at least one occasion. She may have freshened it up a bit, I don't know for sure, but there were still recognizable rents and tatters from the day before in place. I suppose it saves time.

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