Saturday, September 25, 2010

Yesterday Evening: Big Spider Gone?

Last night wasn't a big spider-hunting night for me. I checked for Stretch but couldn't find him; judging by the zigzags on the 23rd, he may have wandered out of the yard all together in search of a mate. Big Sal, also, was absent. Given her reappearance last time, though, I'm not ready to write her off as gone just yet. Maybe she was simply full after her morning bee and decided not to build another web that day (Do spiders do that? I don't know).

I spotted Speckles, or at least one of her sisters, and admired a tiny little spider spinning in the bottom of one rosebush. I'm not going to try for an ID on him because I couldn't get a good look at her back or abdomen.

Big Spider may be gone. When I came home, she'd spun two of her anchor lines, but that's as far as the web ever got. I saw her out on it around midnight, but haven't spotted her since. She really wasn't in the mood to pose, either.

Has she gone wherever spiders go when the fall is over? (Dead?). Why are there more spiders in the fall than any other time? Or, at least, why are they so much more in evidence? Why haven't I ever asked that before?

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